Trump on Islamic Jihadist: ‘These People are Animals’


Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said terrorists “are animals” and criticized the media for then “glamorizing” by calling them “masterminds.”

Trump said, “You fight it with intelligence. Beating them at their own game. You fight it by not saying mastermind like you did, like other people did. I see the word mastermind, the mastermind. I call them the guy with the dirty hat. The guy with the dirty filthy hat. These kids are watching the mastermind and they say ‘Oh I want to be a mastermind.’ The press is really hurting it. I will say that I was very strong about it last week and two weeks ago, with the Paris knock out. And I think the press is making it — glamorizing these people. These people are animals. These people are not masterminds. They’re not even smart people. I bet very low IQ. They’re not smart people. And the press is making them into something — making them into Robin Hood and young people and other people are following. We have to stop their internet work they’re doing — We came up with the internet but they’re using it better than we do.”

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