Trump Fires Back: ‘You Talk About an Extremist? Cheney Started the War in Iraq’

In an appearance on Wednesday night’s “The O’Reilly Factor” on the Fox News Channel, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump fired back at former Vice President Dick Cheney, who earlier in the week questioned the wisdom of Trump’s proposal to ban Muslim from entering the United States.

In the wide-ranging interview with host Bill O’Reilly, Trump said it wasn’t he who was the extremist, but Cheney because he had started the Iraq war.

“Excuse me, extremist point of view?” Trump said. “I was against the war in Iraq in 2003, 2004 — I said don’t do it.”

“Wait a minute — Cheney is the one that started the war in Iraq,” he continued. “You talk about an extremist? Cheney started the war in Iraq which should have never been started, because as I said then, and I say now, you will destabilize the Middle East. Somebody calls me an extremist? I am not an extremist. I’m the opposite. I’m somebody that understands what is going on. When you look at what happened with Iraq, and the war in Iraq which should have never been started and then I’m called an extremist? I don’t think so, Bill.”

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