Mike Francesa Blasts ‘Dangerous’ Odell Beckham Jr: ‘I Hate the Behavior of These Players Now’

New York radio personality Mike Francesa destroyed New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. on his Monday radio show “Mike’s On: Francesa on the FAN” for his actions in the Sunday game against the Carolina Panthers. It was announced Monday that Beckham would be suspended one game for the helmet-to-helmet hit on Panthers cornerback Josh Norman.

Francesa went on a lengthy rant ripping Beckham and players of his ilk who put themselves above the team for their celebrations and “wagging” of their tongues.

“I hate the behavior of these players now, and I have been on Beckham many times this year about the stuff that’s going on. And what I have seen in the last couple of games — the wagging of the tongue, the nonsense in the end zone, the me me me stuff — to me, it all boiled over yesterday in one of the worst, worst performances and completely me, self-aggrandizing, nonsensical, just dangerous at times performance by Beckham yesterday.”

He went on to say, “Here’s a case of a player who just has gotten so big, so fast while his team has won absolutely nothing, which is what you detest about what goes on in sports now. All you have to do is make it about you now in this world of video and fantasy and statistics — it doesn’t even matter if your team wins. In the old days, your team had to win before you got the spoils. Now, you get the spoils when your team is lousy. And he’s played on a second straight bad team.”

Francesa also suggested that the Giants’ front office and coaching staff is so “afraid of [Beckham’s] talent” that they would not discipline him for his selfish actions, which the Giants should be “embarrassed” by.

“If that’s the star player you want — he’s all yours,” Francesa said. “That’s not a star player to me. That’s not a class player, that’s not a good player, that’s a player that, for all of his abilities, he has become a complete clown. When it doesn’t go his way, he acts like a three-year old. He’s lucky he didn’t get hurt and he’s lucky he didn’t hurt somebody else. He completely damaged the legacy of the head coach and the image of that franchise.”

“It made me sick watching that yesterday,” Francesa said as he went to break.

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