Limbaugh: ‘Islam Is a Conquest Ideology — Not Even a Religion’

Earlier this week on his radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh explained why it was his view Islam wasn’t a religion, but instead what he called a “conquest ideology.”

According to Limbaugh, not properly defining Islam for the sake political correctness will be to our own detriment.

Partial transcript as follows:

Can I be honest with you about, say ISIS, or any other jihadist Islamic organization? It’s not about revenge.  You might think it is because they’re out dealing with who they consider to be infidels.  But the reason they’re such a threat and need to be taken seriously is that militant Islam, jihad, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, you name it, they are conquerors, folks.  They’re not getting even with anybody for mistreatment or what have you.

It might be politically correct to say, somebody like Obama might try to justify what they’re doing based on the Crusades, which he constantly does, but it has nothing to do with this.  They are conquerors.  Islam is a conquest ideology.  Not even a religion.  And this is one of these things, if people aren’t even willing to admit what we’re up against, there’s no way we’re ever going to come to a fabled consensus in dealing with it.

And then, furthermore, if we’re gonna protect it by enshrouding it with political correctness, then we are only dooming ourselves.  And there are many of us who recognize all of this and remain dumbfounded that so many others fail to see it.  And their failure to see it is putting us all at risk.  It really isn’t any more complicated than that.  But we have a president who grew up in Madrases and was educated in Madrases and has a different opinion. The morning call to prayer is among the most beautiful sounds in the world.  So it’s a challenge.  But it’s conquest, folks.  It isn’t revenge.  It’s not trying to get even with people for what they’ve done in the past.  It’s trying to eliminate what and who are considered to be nonbelievers.

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