Kirsten Powers: Bill Clinton’s ‘Bimbo Eruptions’ Going to Become Problem for Hillary in Wake of Bill Cosby Allegations

On this weekend’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” USA Today columnist Kirsten Powers explained why it was her view that former President Bill Clinton’s past being raised in this presidential campaign could be a problem for Hillary Clinton’s bid.

According to Powers, the Bill Cosby situation shows that attitudes across the country have changed about allegations of rape and that could be problematic for Hillary Clinton’s bid.

“I think that what was once referred to as Bill Clinton’s bimbo eruptions, which now sounds like something that people wouldn’t say today, are going to become problems for Hillary during the campaign,” Powers said.  “The conventional wisdom says this has all been hashed out, and nobody cares about it anymore, but I think if we look at the Bill Cosby situation, we can see the country has definitely changed in terms of how we look at these issues, and these are serious allegations, and her role in them at well.”

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