Breitbart’s Gorka: ‘Everywhere We Look, the World’s on Fire’

In an appearance on Thursday’s broadcast of “Fox & Friends” on the Fox News Channel, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, a Breitbart News contributor and Chair of Military Theory at Marine Corps University, sounded off on the escalating tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

However, according to Gorka, that potential conflict is just one several hot spots flaring up in the region.

“Look I see what exactly Bibi Netanyahu said in front of Congress when he was here,” Gorka explained. “If you want to understand the chaos in the region, it’s about a war for the crown of the caliphate. This is huge. Everywhere we look the world is on fire — whether it’s China in the South China Sea, whether it’s Russia in the Ukraine, but in the Middle East, it’s really on the edge.

“We should be supporting those guys who are on the front line of this war, who are on our side already,” he added. “Especially Egypt, especially Jordan.”

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