Trump: I’d Move Embassy to Jerusalem, Bush and Obama Were ‘Pretty Equal’ In Reducing US’ Standing

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump said that George W. Bush and President Obama were “pretty equal” in reducing the US’ standing in the world and that he would move the US’ embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in an interview broadcast on CNN’s “Situation Room” on Monday.

Trump, after being played a clip of prior comments about the US’ standing in the world stated that “I think Bush did a bad job, and I think Obama carried it out. He continued to do a bad job.”

When asked who he blamed more, Trump stated, “I would say that’s it’s pretty equal. I’d say that Obama’s been very, very weak. It could have been stemmed at the beginning of his administration.”

He continued, “the devaluation of the Chinese currency has absolutely destroyed us. It’s killed us. They have created one of the great thefts of all time. they have stripped our country of jobs, of money, of factories, you look at the number of factories that have closed, and I’m not only talking about China. I’m talking about other countries too. Look at Mexico, what they’re doing to us, it’s unbelievable. That’s a mini version of China, and Obama allowed them to get away with it now for almost eight years.”

Trump added that he would move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem “fairly quickly.”

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