Fournier: Hillary’s Email Defense Is ‘Wrong In At Least Three Points,’ She Knows It and Is Lying

National Journal Senior Political Columnist Ron Fournier argued that Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s explanation for her emails and private server “was wrong in at least three points” and that “she’s got to know all three of those things are wrong” during the Fox News Channel’s coverage of the Democratic presidential debate.

Fournier said, [relevant remarks begin around 0:15] “The problem with her explanation was it was wrong in at least three points, and she probably knows she was wrong, which, of course, is a lie. First, it’s not just merely a security review. The FBI is investigating her actions to see whether or not there was criminal activity in the handling of the emails, it’s not just review of security. It’s to see if there was any criminal wrongdoing. Secondly, she said that no confidential, no top secret information was transmitted. She didn’t even use the spin cover — spin line that shes uses about labeling, which is irrelevant. That is — we know that’s factually wrong. She also said that other secretaries of state [have] done the same thing, Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice, we know that that is wrong, that they do not have all their emails on a private homebrewed server that was outside the government.”

He added, “[W]e’re talking apples and oranges here. So, she’s got to know all three of those things are wrong. She’s trying to push this down the road and hoping that the FBI doesn’t take this to the legal arena. She might be right. We don’t know what the FBI is going to, but what this is doing is undermining her credibility, undermining her trust numbers even more. And that’s hurting her, not only in the primaries right now, but it’s definitely going to hurt her in the general election.”

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