ESPN’s Nichols ‘Strongly’ Urges NBA to Move All-Star Game from NC for Passage of Bathroom Bill

Friday, on ESPN2’s NBA show “The Jump,” host Rachel Nichols decided to address the new law in North Carolina that forces people to use public bathrooms that correspond to their biological sex and the NBA’s response of possibly looking elsewhere to host the 2017 NBA All-Star Game, which is currently set to be played in Charlotte, NC.

Nichols compared the law to refusing service in a restaurant to someone because of their skin color, saying “discrimination is discrimination.”

“There’s nothing like the threat of losing a sporting event that moves politicians to reconsider. While I know moving an all-star game on relatively short notice would be a huge logistic challenge, I would strongly urge the NBA to follow through on this if this bill isn’t scrapped. Discrimination is discrimination. It’s not okay to tell someone you’re not going to serve them in your restaurant because you don’t like their skin color. The same thing is not okay just because you don’t like who the person is holding hands with or what clothes or makeup they’re wearing.”

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