Watch: ‘Million Student March’ Activist Battles FNC’s Cavuto, Calls Capitalism ‘Illegitimate’

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Your World,” Darletta Scruggs, an organizer for the so-called “Million Student March” movement, battled host Neil Cavuto about the merits free public college and the cancellation of all student debt.

Scruggs argued money for war and nuclear weapons shouldn’t take priority over money for education. But she also decried the capitalist system, which argued was not sufficient to meet the public’s needs.

“We’re spending our money on wars, we’re spending our money on tax breaks for big, wealthy corporations,” Scruggs said. “This system of capitalism has proven itself illegitimate, and it cannot provide basic things like education, shelter, health care.”

Scruggs had no love for Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton, calling her the “candidate of Walmart, Wall Street and war.”

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