Shaq Blasts ESPN’s Le Batard for Questioning His Work Ethic, Leadership

During this week’s “Big Podcast” with Shaquille O’Neal, Shaq ripped into ESPN Radio host Dan Le Batard after he questioned the NBA Hall of Famer’s work ethic and leadership.

Le Batard not only said O’Neal was a poor leader because of how hard he trained, but also of having ruined dynasties with the Orlando Magic and the Los Angeles Lakers by leaving the teams.

Shaq addressed Dan Le Batard’s comments, calling him a “cockroach” and a “bum.”

“Do I have the salad eating body? No. But was I the most dominate player in the world? Yes. Studies show that, stats show that, so you’re a dumba– for saying that,” he said. “I led by example. How’d I lead by example? Three finals MVPs, averaged 27 [points a game].”

“I know what he’s doing. He’s taking shots because he wants the response because his show on ESPN sucks. They’re struggling. He sucks, he’s always sucked, he sucked as a writer in Miami. He wants to get a response to get people to see his name, but guess what, Dan. Nobody knows your name. You’re a bum,” Shaq added.

The big man went on to ask how he was not a leader and out of shape as a player when he had a statue built at LSU where he played in college, as well as having been named to the NBA Hall of Fame, where he will be inducted later this year.

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