McCain: Trump ‘Could Be a Capable Leader’

Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) said likely presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump “could be a capable leader.”

McCain said, “I’ve said all along that I would support the nominee of the party. I believe that a Hillary Clinton presidency will cause the economy to continue to stumble along and put us in the economic malaise that basically we’ve had for eight years.”

He continued, “You have to draw the conclusion that there is some distance if not a disconnect, between party leadership, and members of congress, and many of the voters who have selected Donald Trump to be the nominee of the party. We could go down the list, but a lot of it is older, white blue collar workers who see no prospect of a job ever again. We see dissatisfied young people carrying student debts into their first job for many, many years, and of course, a perception, which is largely reality, not totally, that there’s gridlock in Washington, and that’s given rise to Trump and Sanders, and that’s something that we in the Republican Party are going to have to look at very carefully … You have to listen to people that have chosen the nominee of our Republican Party. I think it would be foolish ignore them.”

McCain added, “I think he could be a capable leader. I think it’s obvious there has to be outreach on his part and heal many of the wounds. there’s always wounds in spirited political campaigns but frankly, i have never seen the personalization of a campaign like this one, where people’s integrity and character are questioned….that bothers me a lot. it bothers me a lot, because you can violent by almost disagree with someone on an issue, but to attack their character and their integrity, then those wounds are, take a long time to heal.”

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