Summers: No Greater Threat To U.S. Prosperity Than Trump

Wednesday on Fox Business Network, former Clinton Secretary of the Treasury and former Obama National Economic Council chairman Larry Summers called the potential presidency of presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump a “threat to our prosperity.”

Summers said, “It scares me. I don’t know of a greater threat to our prosperity. I think policy would be extremely erratic, I think there are great risks to the global economy from the truculence that would manifest. I think there are great risks even going to the government’s credit domestically. I think it would put an uncertainty premium the likes of which we haven’t seen before into the markets.”

In the second video Summer said of Trump, “I don’t think the U.S. government is meant to be run like a questionable real estate deal. And I think his experience and his way of doing things comes out of his past.”  <


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