WATCH: Scotland’s Muslim Minister, Linked To ‘Glory To Allah’ Bus Ads Group, Swears Into Parliament In Urdu

Scotland’s Muslim Minister of Europe and International Development has been sworn into the new session of the Scottish Parliament, with the Pakistani-oricin Humza Yousaf choosing to take the oath to Her Majesty the Queen in his native language of Urdu.

Mr. Yousaf – who is on the hard left of his already strongly left-wing nationalist political party – recently commented that the majority of his party would like to see the abolition of the monarchy, and has previously been a spokesman for Islamic Relief, the charity behind the new “Glory to Allah” bus ads in London.

The swearing in ceremony took place on Thursday at Holyrood, the Scottish Parliament.

The Washington Post called his Urdu swearing in process as “an emphatic demonstration of British multiculturalism”, while Mr. Yousaf shot back at critics by stating that he took the oath in English first, and therefore there was no cause for concern.

Mr. Yousaf also tweeted a picture of his family in the parliament with him:

Breitbart London has previously reported on the activities and beliefs of Mr. Yousaf, who has surged up the rankings to be one of the most influential left-wingers in the United Kingdom.

Previously, Mr. Yousaf has complained about receiving ‘Islamophobic’ tweets as a result of a Breitbart London article that simply reported his own wishes for Scotland. He is also known for his work in anti-Israel activism.

In September 2014, we wrote:

We know he studied politics in his hometown of Glasgow, and according to the Guardian he became involved in politics just after 9/11. He was firmly opposed to the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and was prolific in the Stop The War movement, helping to organise coaches from Glasgow Central Mosque to the two million strong rally against the war in Iraq.

But Yousaf was willing to go further than his contemporaries to get what he wanted. The Guardian reports he joined a human blockade of the Charing Cross exit of the M8 motorway. In 2012 he described his experiences: “We had our two hours, freezing our arses off. And that was it: I was hooked.”

Initially he was attracted to the Scottish National Party’s opposition to the War on Terror, but he also became interested in its socialist views. Like many in the party he sees leaving the United Kingdom as a good way to push a much more left-wing agenda in Scotland.

English voters are far more conservative than the Scottish and are perceived to be holding them back from creating a Scandinavian-style socialist state. He once said that: “You have to keep being radical with your ideas”. His age, looks and charisma have undoubtedly made it easier to entice the Scottish into his “radical” agenda.

Prior to his election to the Scottish Parliament in 2011, Yousaf had been a media spokesman for Islamic Relief, a charity that has been accused on a number of occasions of being a front group for radical Islamism. Yousaf was a volunteer for Islamic Relief since the age of 10.


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