McCaskill Dodges When Asked About Clinton Foundation Russian Uranium Deal

Wednesday on CNN’s “New Day,” Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO), a supporter of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, was asked by host Chris Cuomo about the alleged indiscretions of the Clinton Foundation, some of which have been laid out in Breitbart editor at large Peter Schweizer’s book “Clinton Cash.”

In particular, Cuomo focused on a series of events in the lead up to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton approving the transfer of half of U.S. uranium output (20 percent of all U.S. uranium) to the Russian government in 2010.

McCaskill responded by pointing to presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s business dealings and past statements, but not by addressing Cuomo’s specific question head on.

Partial transcript as follows:

CUOMO: Well, but obviously as always as you’re talking about Trump character counts, and another point of attack will the Clinton Global Initiative, whether it’s why the tax returns were misstated and what that means, what deals Bill Clinton was making with Russia and uranium, what kind of shady nations were able to give a lot of money to that foundation while Clinton was the secretary of state. These are real concerns. Do you think that you have real answers?

MCCASKILL: Well, I think that the Clinton Foundation did a lot of good around the world. Hillary Clinton could have easily said, “No, I don’t want to be secretary of state.” I want to go make more money. At any juncture, she could have made a choice in her life to make money. She made a choice at every juncture to serve the public. Every scar she has came from public service. And I think that’s important to remember. She has fought her entire life for the public good. And to turn a presidential foundation, which all presidents do, into something nefarious I think is just politics.

CUOMO: Do you think that these allegations will wind up being hollow or what happened to the money for the hospital in Haiti, or what money did the Clintons make because we both know they made a lot of money since he was president. Do you think that those will become real issues and do you think they’re legitimate answers?

MCCASKILL: I think there will be a lot of examination of Donald Trump’s business practices. I think —

CUOMO: Senator, what does that have to do with the Clinton Global Initiative? Do you think they’ll have real answers for that?

MCCASKILL: This campaign is about contrast, Chris. This is going to be about who do you want in the Oval Office? And if we’re going to examine the foundation — by the way, every former president has had foundations.

CUOMO: Right.

MCCASKILL: And has taken donations from foreign governments. This is not unusual. If we’re going to compare that to some of the business practices of Donald Trump, that’s what this campaign is about.

CUOMO: But are you worried about a two-wrongs analysis? Is that a good defense, if I ask you about something you did, yeah, what about what you did?

MCCASKILL: I think we’re going to compare two candidates. If you look at Donald Trump’s life and how he has conducted his life, and what he has said in public — the vulgar things he has said in public, the racist things he says in this campaign, his inability, I mean, he famously said he has never asked God for forgiveness, much less the American people, when he says something as outrageous as he did about Judge Curiel. So I think this is about temperament. It is about character, and somebody who has served the public all of their life, versus somebody who served themselves, not just in their business practices, but in this campaign. This is about the country. And I thought what was so great about her speech last night, she reminded us, and this is about uplifting people and about our country being seen in the world as a bright, shining light of equal opportunity and possibilities. That’s not what Donald Trump’s campaign is about.

CUOMO: Senator —

MCCASKILL: It is about dividing us. And I think that’s the contrast that people will be focused on as they make up their mind.

CUOMO: Senator McCaskill, i appreciate you making the case. I’ll see you again on “New Day.”

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