Tyrone Woods’ Widow: Hillary ‘Has No Right’ To Tell Me To Move On, There’s Attitude of Lying In ‘Upper Level of Government’

During an interview broadcast on Thursday’s “Erin Burnett OutFront” on CNN, Dr. Dorothy Woods, the widow of Benghazi terror attack fatality Tyrone Woods, stated that Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “has no right, nor does anyone in government, have the right to tell me it’s time to move on.”

Woods said that while she wasn’t “looking for anyone specific to blame,” and the Benghazi Select Committee report didn’t change her view, “I place the blame on this sentiment, this attitude in the upper level of government that says, hey, you know what? I’m just going to lie about this, gloss over it, because I want to protect what I look like, and you know, I want to — I’m thinking about the next job. I’m thinking about my retirement, you know? Not being there, not remembering that they were here for us, the people that voted for them.”

She added, in response to Clinton’s statement that it was “time to move on” from Benghazi, “I think that nobody in government can tell me how I feel, what I should feel about it. She has no right, nor does anyone in government, have the right to tell me it’s time to move on. They’re not in my shoes. You know, I think that that’s the essence of what they have done, is they’ve been dismissive. The committee’s been ridiculed. The committee has been — they’ve been criticized, and you know, for them to, sincerely do the right thing, to care about Americans, that’s what’s important, you know.”

(h/t GOP War Room)

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