Cornel West: Hillary’s Ideology Is ‘A Disaster’ For Poor People, She ‘Doesn’t Have A Whole Lot of Integrity’

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” Princeton Professor Emeritus and Professor of Philosophy and Christian Practice at Union Theological Seminary Dr. Cornel West stated that Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, doesn’t “have a whole lot of integrity.” Holds a neo-liberal ideology that is “a disaster…when it comes to poor people,” and “has not done what people say in terms of her being this great champion for poor people.”

West said that former Democratic candidate Senator Bernie Sanders “had a point” when he said Clinton was unqualified, “in this sense, that, this is still a Wall Street party. It’s still tied to militarism. And I look at Hillary Clinton even, given this historic breakthrough, it’s beautiful thing, a blow against male supremacy. … But I look at Hillary Clinton from the eyes of the women and children who were pushed off welfare, from those in the mass incarceration regime, from those in Honduras and Haiti, on the West Bank under Israeli occupation. Under Hillary, she was not for kids in those contexts.”

West also contested the notion that the election was a choice between two candidates. He further stated that he wanted to hear more about police abuse from candidates, and that President Obama didn’t say anything about police abuse.

Later West argued Clinton was “lip-syncing” Sanders’ speech “in some ways. She has a way of giving lip service to these progressive issues. We want to know what has she done on the ground for poor and working people? That’s the question. … I say she has not done what people say in terms of her being this great champion for poor people. That’s a lie! That’s a lie!”

He further said, “The Clinton train, Wall Street, security surveillance, militaristic. Not — that’s not going in the same direction I’m going. It’s just better than a neo-fascist like Trump. That’s all.” West added that Clinton is a “neo-liberal.” He also classified that ideology as “a disaster…when it comes to poor people, and when it comes to people in other parts of the world dealing with US foreign policy and militarism.”

West also said Hillary is “brilliant. She’s smart. She just doesn’t have a whole lot of integrity.”

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