Maher: Bill Was Dreaming About Katy Perry’s Breasts When He Fell Asleep at the DNC

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher joked that when he fell asleep during his wife’s speech at the DNC, former President Bill Clinton was dreaming about Katy Perry’s breasts.

Maher said, “Now, there was one little awkward moment at the convention last night. The cameras caught Bill Clinton nodding off during Hillary — just for a second but you know, what could he have been thinking? ‘Was it all a dream? No, Katy Perry’s t*ts really are that big.’ That’s what he was thinking. Oh, I kid the Clintons. I love the guy. They were — did you notice they were all decked out in patriotic colors? … Chelsea’s dress was red, Hillary’s suit was white, and Bill’s balls were blue. So — oh, I kid, I kid.”

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