Benghazi Victim’s Father: Hillary’s Either ‘Lying, Or Else She Has a Bad Memory,’ She Blamed Video In Front of My Son’s Casket

On Tuesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Charles Woods, whose son, Tyrone, was killed in the 2012 Benghazi terror attack stated that Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is either “lying, or else she has a bad memory” about what she told the families of the victims of the Benghazi attack.

When asked if he thought the Khan family had received more coverage than the families of Benghazi victims, Woods said he wasn’t very familiar with the TV coverage, and that “what you need to look at, is the fact that Khan was a brave American who gave his life. He was patriotic. But he also happened to be a moderate Muslim, and what you need to realize is, ISIS and the other terrorist groups, they don’t only kill Christians, and Jews, and gays, they’ve also — they also kill moderate Muslims who do not agree with their stance on radical jihad and their interpretation of Sharia Law. And, in that respect, he’s like any other American, and what we have to take into account, is that when the elections occur next November. Muslims, moderate Muslim-American citizens have the same concerns about national security that the rest of us Americans do, and they’re going to have to make up their mind as to what candidate is going to protect national security themselves, Muslim-Americans, who are moderate, as well as all other Americans, who’s — which candidate is going to do the best job.”

After seeing a clip of Clinton’s interview on “Fox News Sunday,” where Clinton argued that some family members of Benghazi victims may not have clear recollections of everything that happened, Woods said, “Well, there are two options, one is either Mrs. Clinton is lying, or else she has a bad memory because of her age or her head injury that she suffered. As far as memory, I keep this little book…and I write down the important things that happen each day, and I’ve been doing this for many years. And what I have written down here, this is verbatim, that was written down soon after she spoke it, and here it is: ‘I gave Hillary a hug, and shook her hand, and she said, we are going to have the filmmaker arrested who is responsible for the death of my son.'”

He added, “She made the statement not only to me, but to other family members. Also, a half-hour after this happened, when they had the casket ceremony, she also lied to the American public, because she said, and these are her words as best as I can recall, rage was directed at American embassies as a result of that awful video, that we were not responsible for. So, she said basically the same thing in private to the families that were grieving, then a half-hour later she said basically the same thing as far as causation to the American public.”

Woods concluded, “She stood in front of my son’s casket, and blamed the rage directed at American embassies upon the video, that she said we had no part of.”

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