Halperin and Deutsch: Clinton Scandals ‘Should All Get More Scrutiny,’ Hillary ‘Doesn’t Tell the Truth,’ and ‘Plays Quid Pro Quo’

On Monday’s broadcast of Bloomberg’s “With All Due Respect,” co-host Mark Halperin argued that the recent controversies involving Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “should all get more scrutiny,” and the press should ask if it is buying into the Clinton camp’s spin in its coverage, while guest co-host Donny Deutsch said, “We already know Hillary Clinton doesn’t tell the truth, is a politician, plays quid pro quo.”

Halperin, after going over Clinton stories like allegations that an under-qualified Clinton Foundation donor was appointed to a State Department board, the expected release of more emails from Huma Abedin, Abedin’s ties to the Clinton Foundation, and the FBI’s plans to turn over notes from its investigation into Clinton’s emails to Congress, asked, “Will these controversies, these flaps, these contretemps, will they get more coverage and should any of them get more coverage?”

Deutsch answered, “Yes and yes, but here’s the only way it makes a difference, until you can draw a straight line, not a quid pro quo, this person got a job or this, to the foundation taking money, and because of the money it affected her decision-making as secretary of state, as far as policy, until that line is drawn, this all goes into a blur. It’s not an appointment here, an appointment there. Other than that, it goes into what we talked about last week, that murky, mushy box, and it’s also more of the same. We already know Hillary Clinton doesn’t tell the truth, is a politician, plays quid pro quo. We know that. It’s baked in.”

Halperin then added, “I think the thing that would break through, they should all get more scrutiny, and the press really needs to ask itself whether it’s disregarding things because they’re old. That plays right into what the Clintons always want to spin, which is, this is an old scandal. But the thing is, they’ve got to show that she made decisions, or her State Department made decisions under her authority that were against the government interest, the public interest in order to help a donor. And, some of these things may be edging in that direction, but no one has proven that exact linkage in a way in any of these new controversies. It will be interesting to see the evidence from this — from the investigation into the emails, see what they have.”

(h/t GOP War Room)

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