McMullin on TPP: ‘It’s Good for Our Country’

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” former CIA official and former chief policy director for the House Republican Conference Evan McMullin, a self-declared independent candidate for the presidency, expressed his support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, which is one that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has opposed throughout his campaign.

“I’m for it,” McMullin said. “Ninety-five percent of the world’s consumers are outside our borders. We need access to them, right now we are limited in so many ways, our companies are. You know, we’ve got to get to yes on this. I know there are members of Congress who have some concerns, and I think President Obama needs to work with them to resolve those so that we can get to yes. But we’ve got to get to yes. On trade, there are people who are genuinely suffering as a result of displaced industries and jobs. Automation is another part of that, it’s not only trade. We do need to hear their concerns and help them transition more. I believe that. And I think that’s a message that conservatives need to promote more. But we can’t stop trading and broadening our trade opportunities. We have to do that. It’s good for our country.”

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