Gutfeld: ‘Trump Has a Thing for Strongmen,’ ‘Digs Power Based On Fear’

On Thursday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “The Five,” Fox News Channel host Greg Gutfeld said that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump “has a thing for strongmen. He digs power based on fear, be it in Russia, North Korea, or China.”

Gutfeld began by stating Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails “stuck to her like toilet paper on a shoe.”

He further criticized her for telling ISIS “all the stuff we won’t do to stop ISIS.”

Gutfeld also criticized her answer to a question on the VA by saying, “So Hillary lectures us on technology. This from a woman whose BlackBerries were smashed with hammers to get rid of sensitive emails. That’s like breaking a thermometer to stop a heat wave. Finally, she said no one died in Libya, which is debatable. Not a great night for Captain Pantsuit.”

He continued, “But Trump didn’t leave unscathed either, contradicting previous statements he made on Iraq and Libya.”

After playing a clip of Trump citing Vladimir Putin’s 82% approval rating, Gutfeld said these polls were done by the pollsters who are still alive. He added, “Yes, 82% approval is amazing, in that it’s so low. When Putin’s critics have shorter life spans than your average mayfly, the fact that 18% are still critical of him is astonishing, but Trump has a thing for strongmen. He digs power based on fear, be it in Russia, North Korea, or China. He admires an iron hand, but still craves a compliment.”

After playing video of Trump saying that he’ll say nice things about Putin if Putin says nice things about him, Gutfeld stated, “So, tyrants take note, with President Trump, you’ll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.”

Gutfeld later added, “I think that he has a fondness for autocrats, but at the same time, isn’t he talking about, like, a perception of defending your country against other countries? It’s not necessarily the best comparison.”

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