Scarborough: Paul Ryan ‘Not the Leader’ of the GOP — Party Believes Trump Is the Leader

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough react to an Economist-YouGov poll showing GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump with higher numbers among Republicans than House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Despite what some in the so-called Republican establishment say, Scarborough that indicated Trump is the leader of the GOP and not Ryan.

“It’s not about Paul Ryan,” Scarborough said. “I love Paul Ryan. I have always actually ideologically been aligned with Paul Ryan. But Mark Halperin, you look at these numbers – Trump up 20 in favorables over Paul Ryan. Ryan’s unfavorables are higher. This is even among primary voters. This is what the establishment doesn’t understand. They never understand. I saw Hugh Hewitt declare 14 times in three seconds that Paul Ryan was the leader of the party. He had 60 million votes. He’s the leader of the party. I heard him say it on Chris Matthews. No, I got bad news for Hugh Hewitt, the American Enterprise Institute, the Republican leadership, all the fundraisers — Paul Ryan is not the leader of the party. The party believes Donald Trump is the leader of the party. That is the conundrum that every Republican from Pennsylvania to Oregon faces.”

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