Megyn Kelly Calls Her Trump Interactions ‘Attempted Bullying’ — ‘Felt Like Being a Hostage’

Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “Shepard Smith Reporting,” network “The Kelly File” host Megyn Kelly talked to Shepard Smith about the months-long ordeal she experienced in her back-and-forth with then-GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Kelly, who was promoting her book “Settle for More,” did not say she thought it was outright bullying she experienced, but “attempted bullying” from the now-president-elect.

“When it started happening with Trump, it was like this is familiar,” she said. “I’ve been through this before. And so it’s always good to find a silver lining. But I would say that was one. I had already experienced a year of bullying.”

“Then when Trump did it, you knew what it was?” Smith replied.

“I always take a little issue with the notion he bullied me,” she said. “I think the technical definition of bullying is somebody tries to strong-arm you into compliance and then you comply. And so, I feel like it was an attempted bullying.”

“Attempted bullying?” Smith said.

“Yeah, because he never got me to comply,” Kelly continued.

Kelly admitted there were some “scary” moments and “tearful nights” and likened the experience to the “hold” scene from the movie “Braveheart.” However, she likened the experience to being a hostage and thought that the worst had ended when she had finally met with Trump prior to her Fox broadcasting interview with him.

“I write in the book ‘Settle for More’ that it felt like being a hostage being seen by your hostage taker for the first time and being hopeful he would finally let her go,” she said. “I didn’t ask him to stop the bullying. I didn’t apologive to him, which is what he had been demanding. Nor did he apologize to me. But we had such a pleasant exchange, I felt certain he would stop. And he did.”

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