Steyn: Expect More Beating-Type Incidents as Long as the Left Is Invested in Identity Politics

Friday while filling in as a guest host on “The Rush Limbaugh Show,” conservative commentator Mark Steyn offered his thoughts on the Chicago beating incident early this week that led to four individuals being charged with hate crime in addition to other charges.

Steyn blamed the motivation for the incident on identity politics, which he argued has a “dehumanizing” effect and as long as identity politics remains part of the left’s playbook, more of those types of incidents would occur in the future.

“I think we’re going to get a lot more of this stuff in the future because it is the logic of identity politics,” Steyn said. “It is where identity politics leads. It is about ultimately the dehumanization that attends identity politics.”

“The minute you have identity groups – the minute you have identity politics that what matters is whether people are black, or white, or gay, or straight, or transgendered, or cisgenerded, or Muslim, or infidel – then you do not see the humanity in your fellow man,” he continued. “All you see is the disfavored group and eventually you end with what happened in this situation.”

“There will be more of this in the future as long as the left is invested in identity politics as the organizing principle of society,” he added. “Identity politics is a polite word. The actual term for what it is is a return to tribalism where don’t see people as individuals equal before the law, free-born citizens, the co-equals of others. What matters more and more is what group you belong to. This crime is ultimately where identity politics leads.”

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