Michael Eric Dyson: White ‘Selfishness’ Produced ‘Heinous’ Trump

Wednesday on ABC’s “The View,” author and radio host Michael Eric Dyson said white “selfishness”  produced the “heinous manifestation” of  President Donald Trump

Dyson said, “You see when we look at Donald Trump, Donald Trump is the rose. What’s the ground —or another flower— what’s the ground from which he emerged? Whiteness produced him, a certain sense of selfishness, a certain sense of self importance, a certain sense of innocence, a certain sense of privilege that he fails to acknowledge.”

“And the best of white culture has to war against the worst of white culture for us to embrace it,” he continued. “Because remember Frankenstein was the name of the doctor  not the monster. So what produced this heinous manifestation that we see of President Bannon – uh I mean of President Trump is the fact — is the fact that there’s a culture of intolerance for the other that punishes not only people of color but it punishes white people, too.”

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