Fox Sports’ Clay Travis Rips ‘Hypocritical’ Nike Equality Ad: ‘Nike Doesn’t Treat Everybody Equal at All’

During the Monday version of his Fox Sports Radio show “Outkick the Coverage,” host Clay Travis reacted to the new Nike ad that promotes equality “everywhere,” pointing out how “hypocritical” the company is for paying its Indonesian workers 1/76th what American factory workers make doing the same job.

“Nike is making money hand over fist because they’re only paying their workers three dollars a day to make them in Indonesia,” Travis stated. “If equality is everywhere, doesn’t Nike actually have to treat its employees equally? Doesn’t Nike have to actually bring its brand to American shores and make this sneaker inside of our borders and actually pay people in America to make a shoe they’re asking people to buy?”

“Don’t you think it’s a little bit hypocritical for Nike to say that equality is everywhere when it’s paying workers overseas 1/76th of what they would have to pay for an American to make this?” he added.

Travis went on to call what Nike has with its Indonesian employees “Indonesian virtual slave labor.”

“I guess everybody’s equal and there are no boundaries as long as you don’t live in Indonesia,” he concluded.

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