Trevor Noah: ‘When Are We Going to Start Treating Racism Like a Disease?’

Friday on ABC’s “The View,” Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah said racism should be treated “like a disease.”

Noah said, “You know that’s tough is this. This is the question I ask myself all the time. When are we going to start treating racism like a disease? That’s my problem. When do we start treating racism like a disease? Because right now, think about it, if you look at an alcoholic, we go this person has a problem, and we treat you … I’m just saying. There was a time you would say, oh you’re just a drunk. Now we say you’ve got a problem. We need to help you. I think it’s the same with racism.”

“Racism is hereditary,” he continued. “It’s passed down. You teach it to your children. It grows generation to generation, and you have to know that you have it inside you, you’re susceptible to it. But if we treat it like a disease we wouldn’t shun people. I don’t understand how we think it’s going to change when we go ‘You are a racist, get out of here.’ Then where do they go and why would they change? All you’re doing is piling people into a group who then go, ‘I guess we’re all racists now,’ and then it stops having the effect that you want. Do you want them to change or do you want to maintain a higher ground?”

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