Report: Fear of Deportation Keeping Illegal Immigrants from Making Doctor’s Appointments

Per a report by ABC7, some doctors are noticing that some of their patients that are undocumented immigrants are shying away from making appoints due to fear of deportation.

Dr. Richard Rojas, a dentist at Antelope Valley Community Clinic in Lancaster, CA, said he has noticed a considerable “drop-off.”

“In the last few months, we noticed a drop-off considerably in the number of people that are coming in for treatment,” Rojas stated.

Antelope Valley Community Clinic accepts all customers, regardless of insurance or ability to pay.

ABC7 spoke with an undocumented patient, “Maria,” who is afraid she will get deported.

“I’m afraid with all the news and everything that they tell us that we’re going to get stopped at any time and deported,” she said.

The Community Clinic Association of Los Angeles County offers training to providers so they can talk to patients who are here illegally.

“We don’t divulge their information to anybody,” Rojas said. “Not only we just don’t do it because it’s not right, but because that’s a HIPAA violation and they should understand and feel safe here.”

“Living in fear is not something that I wish on anybody,” Maria told ABC7 of potentially being deported and separated from her children.

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