Limbaugh: Trump Voters Love, Support Economic Achievements; Don’t Care About Devin Nunes

Tuesday on his nationally syndicated radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh explained that while much of the media focus has been on House Intelligence Committee Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) and his relationship with the Trump administration as his committee is investigating the association between Trump’s presidential campaign and Russia, his supporters could care less.

Limbaugh said what his supporters care about are Trump’s economic achievements and referred to an announcement by Ford Motor Company to invest $1.2 billion in three Michigan plants earlier in the day.

Partial transcript as follows:

It’s these kind of things that the Democrats are happy if they are manufactured overseas, happy to get ’em out of America. They’re an embarrassment. Pickup trucks? No, no, no. We like mass transit. We like trains. We really love trains. We like light rail. We like late rail. We like anything the Europeans do. We like skinny pencil neck people who couldn’t blow over a grain of sand if their lives depended on it, those are the smart people, those are the people we rely on. We don’t want people that drive around in pickup trucks because you know what’s in pickup trucks? Dirt and excrement and stuff from the farm and they tow stuff and they get dirty and they get muddy, and we don’t want any of that in our lives.

And so they’re not surrounded by it. And now Ford has announced the expansion of three different plants in the U.S. This is all happening because of Donald Trump. And Donald Trump’s voters love it and they support it and they don’t care about Devin Nunes other than they don’t want him going anywhere.

The Trump voter doesn’t think that Devin Nunes has done anything wrong. The Trump voter fully recognizes what is happening to Devin Nunes and what’s happening to anybody that the Democrats target, and they are all about defending them and defending Trump. The Democrats know all of this. The elected Democrats in Washington, they know all this. I have a story here in the Stack, how the Democrats are still doing postmortems after the election, and they finally have gotten down to what went wrong with their polling. Why did their polling so mislead them?

By the way, not only is Ford expanding manufacturing facilities, but because of this announcement and the fact that the GOP had a meeting today about health care and the GOP leadership came out, he had Ryan and Cathy McMorris Rodgers and a couple others. They came out there and they said, “We went back, we had a big meeting today. We want to unify our caucus. We don’t know when, but we’re gonna go back and attack this, health care reform and repeal is not dead. We can’t stand by, let this implode.”

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