Mark Levin: The Far Left Perpetuates ‘the Destruction of Everything Good,’ Undermines Values of the Country

Mark Levin
CRTV Screenshot

Friday on his nationally syndicated radio show, conservative host Mark Levin reacted to Fox Sports 1’s Jason Whitlock accusing members of the far left of wanting to “overthrow everything” after ESPN’s Max Kellerman criticized the NFL for playing the national anthem before games.

Levin echoed Whitlock’s comments, adding that the far left perpetuates “self-hate, balkanization, tribalization [and] the evisceration for the American culture.”

“[Whitlock] is exactly right,” Levin said. “The destruction of everything good, undermining the values and beliefs and traditions and customs of the country — we’ve got this contradiction going on here. We have people from all over the world, every single background and culture and color and height and sex and the rest fighting to get here, to get into America legally and illegally. And yet, we have a force within our borders, a force in our country that is perpetuating self-hate, balkanization, tribalization [and] the evisceration for the American culture that rejects the notion of a melting pot — quite the opposite.”

“[T]hese voices are not only in the streets, these voices are in Washington at the highest levels of the Democrat party, these voices are in Hollywood, these voices are in the media, these voices come from tenured professors and tenured teachers in our high schools,” he continued.

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