MSNBC’s Nance: Trump’s Poland Speech Was the ‘Fulfillment of Osama Bin Laden’s Ideology’

Saturday, MSNBC terrorism analyst and former intel analyst Malcolm Nance reacted to President Donald Trump’s speech in Poland, saying the speech was “the ultimate fulfillment of Osama Bin Laden’s ideology” of the clash of civilizations.

“That speech was the ultimate fulfillment Osama Bin Laden’s ideology of the belief that there would be a clash of civilizations between what he views as his crazy version of Islam and the West,” Nance stated.

He explained, “His version would eventually go into a war with the West and Trump seemed to embody and enshrine that belief that the West should steel itself for a clash of civilization with other cultures, other beliefs, which pretty much spelled out, you know, the Muslim world,” Nance explained.

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