Dem Sen Manchin to AG Jeff Sessions: ‘Keep Doing Your Job’

Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) was asked by host Joe Scarborough if Attorney General Jeff Sessions would better “serve America and justice” by either staying on as the attorney general or if he should he leave given the rhetoric about his performance from President Donald Trump.

Manchin urged his former U.S. Senate colleague to stick with it and warned Trump the next person would have a “much more strenuous time” getting through confirmation.

“Well, first of all, just, Jeff, keep doing your job,” Manchin said. “I knew you had the experience and the ability to do and protect the rule of law, who we are as Americans, that makes us so different than the rest of the world. With that, he also knows that, when you take a job such as that, for an executive, we call it will and pleasure, Joe, that means you come and go when that person’s term is up. So at any time, they lose confidence and faith. So the president has the right to put his team together.”

“I just would say that the next person, if Jeff’s not going to be there, the next person’s going to have a much more strenuous time coming through the confirmation process because we want to make sure people in the Justice Department put the rule of law above any one human being or any one party,” he continued. “That’s our country. That’s who we are as a nation. And Madam Justice, you know, she’s blind. She don’t know if you’re rich or poor or what color you might be or what political party persuasion. She’s going to treat you all the same.”

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