Watch: Umpire Ejects Rangers’ Adrian Beltre for Moving On-Deck Circle

Texas Rangers third baseman Adrian Beltre was ejected from Wednesday’s game with the Miami Marlins.

During the eighth inning and trailing by 12 runs, umpire Gerry Davis instructed Beltre to get in the designated on-deck circle while waiting for his turn to hit.

Beltre walked over to the on-deck circle mat and pulled it towards where he was initially standing.

Davis then ejected the 20-year MLB veteran.

After the game, Beltre said, “The home-plate umpire told me Gerry wanted me to move. I said, ‘Why? I don’t want to get hit. I stand here every day, I’ve been standing here for a lot of years and I’ve been standing here when he was umpiring home plate and he didn’t say [anything]. Everybody stands in the same spot. Why do I have to move? I don’t want to get hit.'”

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