Mark Steyn: Bannon Departure Makes Trump Admin ‘More Ordinary’ — Trump Voter ‘Wanted Something Extraordinary’

Friday on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” conservative commentator Mark Steyn reacted to the news of the departure of Steve Bannon from the Trump administration earlier in the day.

According to Steyn, Bannon’s resignation from the West Wing made the White House “more ordinary.”

“Well, I inclined to the latter because I am worried that the departure of Steve Bannon makes the Trump administration more ordinary,” Steyn said. “And I think the people who voted for Trump wanted something extraordinary. And at the risk of quoting myself, which is, I think the first sign of madness, over a decade ago, I said it required some genius for George W. Bush to get demonized as a right-wing madman when 90 percent of the time he was Tony Blair with a ranch.”

“And I think the same process is underway now, Trump is being demonized as the new Hitler while inside the building they’re basically trying to turn them into Jeb Bush with a kind of foul-mouthed semi-Tourette’s twitter feed, and I don’t think that’s going to work,” he continued. “The Trump agenda, it was very interesting listening, and that was a very sane explication we just heard but he didn’t mention the wall for example, it didn’t mention illegal immigration, it didn’t mention any of the issues that catapulted Trump in June and July of 2015 into the lead over all the 17 sane governors and senators for whom there were no takers among the Republican base.”

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