Mark Cuban: Trump’s Deal with Democrats Was ‘Really Smart’

Thursday on Fox Business Network’s “Cavuto: Coast to Coast,” billionaire Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban praised President Donald Trump for his debt ceiling deal with the Democrats.

Cuban said, “It’s pure classic Donald Trump. I thought it was really smart. You know, think about being a salesperson like President Trump is, you want to keep deals alive. The biggest fear a salesperson has is that a deal would die and so working with somebody even it’s only for a short term, even if it’s with the Democrats, it keeps the deal alive, and I thought that was very smart.”

He added, “I think he is being who the people elected him to be. He is non-politician. He is not a traditional Republican. He hasn’t been a Republican all his life. He is a deal-maker. That is why he got elected. He is trying to get deals done without playing partisan politics. There is a lot of things I disagree with him on, but this one thing he hit the nail on the head. Stop being the politician. Start working for the people which I think he is trying to do, let’s get something done.”

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