Khizr Khan: John Kelly Should Not Have ‘Indulged in Defending’ the ‘Behavior of the President’

Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” while discussing White House chief of staff John Kelly comments about Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL), Gold Star father Khizr Khan said Kelly “indulged in defending the behavior of the president and made the situation even worse.”

Kahn who criticized President Donald Trump during the Democratic National Convention said, “It is an American tradition that when military leaders retire they go home, collect their pension and they maintain the dignity that he have earned. In case of former General Kelly he had — I was shocked, I was shocked to see citizen Kelly standing next to the president when the president could not have the proper word to condemn the attack on the blessed city of Charlottesville, VA by neo-Nazis. He stood — you could look at his face and his gesture in disgust, but he stood in support of that moment when Donald Trump could not condemn the attack that took place.”

Turning to Rep. Frederica Wilson, he continued, “Then again instead of advising the president that restraint and dignity is the call of the moment, former General Kelly indulged in defending behavior of the president and made the situation even worse. Our political leaders elected by the people are deserving of equal dignity and equal respect instead of being maligned on misstated facts. That was beyond the call of the moment.”

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