Glenn Thrush: If Hillary Was POTUS and Roles on Steele Dossier Were Flipped, Dems Would Call It a GOP ‘Hatchet Job’

On Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Hardball,” New York Times White House Correspondent and MSNBC Political Analyst Glenn Thrush reacted to the Steele dossier funding revelations by arguing that if the tables were turned, Democrats would be decrying the dossier as “a hatchet job by the Republicans.”

Thrush said that Democrats wanted the information on Trump and Russia to come from the intelligence community, not Democratic sources, and that’s why they “obfuscated this.”

He added that while the obfuscation doesn’t look good, none of it determines whether or not the dossier is accurate.

Thrush then noted, “[A]ny Democrat — if Hillary Clinton were president, and the rolls were reversed, she’d be saying the same thing, that this is a hatchet job by the Republicans.”

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