McAuliffe: Gillespie Has Run ‘A Racist Bigoted Campaign,’ He Ran Ads on Sanctuary Cities and MS-13

On Tuesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “The Beat,” Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe (D) accused Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie of running a “racist, bigoted campaign,” with “horrible” ads on sanctuary cities and MS-13.

McAuliffe said, “Ed Gillespie has run really a racist, bigoted campaign, horrible ads. Donald Trump today is now doing robocalls. Donald Trump’s at 31% in Virginia. we’re going to reject that and we are going to move forward as a commonwealth.”

Anchor Ari Melber asked McAuliffe for his evidence of Gillespie running a racist campaign. McAuliffe answered, “Oh my goodness, the ads that he ran. First, he ran ads on sanctuary cities. Virginia law does not allow us to have any sanctuary cities. They don’t exist. We don’t have them. And he ran these ads with MS-13. And in the end, he had some prisoners from a prison down in El Salvador. They weren’t even part of MS-13, just horrible, racist ads.”

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