Dyson: Trump ‘Rises Every Morning’ ‘To Excrete the Feces of His Moral Depravity’

On Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “All In,” Georgetown Professor and author Michael Eric Dyson stated President Trump wakes up every morning “excrete the feces of his moral depravity” into a country that he’s “turned into his psychic commode.”

During a discussion on President Trump’s tweets and racism, Dyson commented on one of Trump’s tweets about Republican Virginia gubernatorial nominee Ed Gillespie by stating there is a subtext, but “the text ain’t so sub. The reality is is that it’s a pretext and a context for bigotry here. This is a president who rises every morning to excrete the moral — to excrete the feces of his moral depravity into a nation into — that he’s turned into his psychic commode. Here’s a guy who doesn’t understand the difference between right and wrong fundamentally, and who doesn’t care. So for him, race trumps everything. And in this case, sending these dog whistles out there, suggesting that the statues are part of our heritage, and it’s a false argument. When people say, ‘These are part of our — these statues are part of our heritage.’ Yes, but your heritage is bigotry. ‘The Civil War was not fought in regard to race and slavery. It was fought for states’ rights.’ the states’ right to do what? Own slaves.”

(h/t Grabien)

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