Kurtz: Franken ‘Acts Like He’s Just an Over-Enthusiastic Hugger’

On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Happening Now,” Fox News host and Media Analyst Howard Kurtz reacted to the apology issued by Senator Al Franken (D-MN)  on Thursday by arguing the apology still isn’t sufficient.

Kurtz said the apology is “an improvement on the first two. But it’s still inadequate. Because he acts like he’s just an over-enthusiastic hugger, rather than somebody who’s accused in multiple instances now of grabbing women’s butts.”

He also argued that it’s better to “get in front of” serious, or multiple allegations and “show your contrition on camera, not hiding behind a statement that’s put out by strategists and carefully crafted by publicists. And we see this again and again now.” He cited Alabama Republican Senate nominee Judge Roy Moore, Representative John Conyers (D-MI), and Charlie Rose as examples of people who have given “the impression that they can’t answer journalist’s questions or they don’t want to or they have something to hide.”

Kurtz concluded that he doesn’t see a difference in how voters handle allegations against Democrats and how they handle allegations against Republicans.

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