Roy Moore Spokeswoman: Handling of Election Fraud Complaint Will Impact Political Futures of Alabama Governor, Secretary of State


Thursday on CNN’s “Inside Politics,” Roy Moore campaign spokeswoman Janet Porter said if Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill (R-AL) certifies Democrat Doug Jones as the winner of the Alabama U.S. special election, it will impact the political futures of both Gov. Kay Ivey (R-AL) and Merrill.

Porter said, “I think the president is also concerned about voter fraud. He brought it up in his own election. I think if he were to read through the 84 pages of evidence from independent experts and the best in the country, by the way, who say one county, just 20 precincts in one county — Jefferson—  is enough to overturn this election. If I was John Merrill and I wanted to run for reelection, I would make sure that those votes are properly cast and properly counted and all allegations of fraud no matter who makes them are fully investigated before any fraudulent certification occurs.”

She added, “Whether or not he has a political future, we will find out very soon as well as the others on the canvassing board including Governor Kay Ivey and attorney general as well. We will find that out because as I mentioned, there are at least 650,000 votes —forget all the fraud for a moment 650,000 people despite all the fraudulent allegations that came out and voted for Judge Moore and they are watching closely as well as the country on whether or not he will do his job.”

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