Behar: ‘Crazy’ Trump Is ‘Scared’ of Criticizing the Women of ‘The View’


Tuesday on ABC’s “The View,” while discussing President Donald Trump’s interview with The New York Times, co-host Joy Behar said Trump was “scared” to criticize them.

Behar said, “He said 26 times or 16 times there’s no collusion, there’s no collusion, there’s no collusion, which is Spanish for there’s collusion.”

Guest host Ana Navarro said, “When I read the interview, first of all, it was—number one, how can the staff allow this to happen impromptu? This is a guy, he’s 71 years old, but you need to treat him like he’s 71 days old. He needs constant adult supervision.”

Behar said, “It’s almost something he can’t control at this point. He sounds like a crazy person on the subway, I swear.”

She continued, “Someone said to me at one of my shows, how come Donald doesn’t go after you girls at “The View”? I said I think he’s scared of us.”

She added, “I do. What is he going to say about us? He can’t get me. What is he going to say? I’m old? Yeah ok, I’m old. You are fat? Yeah ok, I’m fat. You are stupid? I’ve heard that before. You are not funny? You have no talent? He has said all that about me already, so keep it coming, Donald.”

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