Pirro: Trump Haters Would Rather Doom Us to Failure Than Applaud His Successes

Saturday in her Fox News Channel “Justice” opening statement, Jeanine Pirro blasted Hollywood over its hatred of President Donald Trump and his transparency, saying Hollywood would rather “obstruct and resist” the president and put the country in danger.

“The difference between President Trump and other presidents is his transparency,” Pirro began. “No political correctness, no talking out of both side of his mouth, but instead, a hard-nosed, what you see is what you get successful negotiator. But no, rather than applaud him for that transparency, the president’s haters would rather take him down, preferring to get in the way of our economic success and international strength.”

She continued, “Their hatred of this man is so all-consuming that they would rather obstruct and resist, dooming us all to failure because they do not like his transparency. I want to be clear: It’s not the transparency, but the hatred — so intense that it puts us in danger.”

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