Steyn: ‘There’s a Point at Which There’s a Legitimate Intelligence Community and Then There’s a Point at Which It Becomes Actually Secret Police Activities’

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” conservative commentator Mark Steyn suggested what has been revealed about the intelligence community’s activities regarding Trump campaign associate Carter Page bordered on “secret police activities.”

Steyn told host Tucker Carlson such behavior by the intel community was “an assault on the rule of law.”

“An American citizen who has not been convicted of any crime and actually has never been charged with one has nevertheless been under United States surveillance on and off for half a decade,” he said. “This guy’s life and reputation has been ruined. And the Democrats are OK with that because he’s just this week’s useful MacGuffin, as Alfred Hitchcock used to call it, to distract people in the Russia investigation. It’s an assault on is the rule of law and it reminds us of a very important listen, which this memo is all about. There’s a point at which there is a legitimate intelligence community, and then there’s a point at which it becomes actually secret police activities. And what they have done to this U.S. citizen carter page crosses well into the line, I believe, of secret police activities.”

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