GOP Rep Duffy: Biden Had a Chance to Run for President But Was Frightened Away By Bernie, Hillary

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI) reacted to former Vice President Joe Biden’s tough talk about President Donald Trump earlier in the week.

Duffy scoffed at the threats from Biden and called Biden’s gestures “ridiculous.”

“Listen, here’s the problem with Joe Biden,” he said. “As a sitting vice president he had a chance to run for president, but he was frightened away by Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. He didn’t have the backbone to run for president. He’s going to come and say, ‘I’m a tough guy. I’m going to take on Donald Trump’?  I would bet on Donald Trump whether they’re back in high school or today to take out Joe Biden. But this is ridiculous. When you can’t win the debate, you go to violence, and this is what the Democrats’ playbook is. And they all sit there and applaud, ‘Oh Joe, you’re so tough.’ This is ridiculous.”

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