TX Border Sheriff: ‘I Don’t Think We Need the Military Here’

During an interview broadcast on Thursday’s “AC360,” Maverick County, TX Sheriff Tom Schmerber (D) stated he doesn’t think the military is needed on the border.

CNN National Correspondent Gary Tuchman asked, “Do you want to see the US military come to your county to help control the border?”

Schmerber answered, “No, no, I don’t. I think that the Border Patrol [is] well trained, well equipped. I don’t think we need the military here on the border.”

He added that previous deployments of the National Guard to the border were back when conditions were different.

Tuchman also asked, “So, when the White House says this is a crisis and that things are getting worse, your feeling is?”

Schmerber responded, “Not here, not in this county.”

Schmerber also said state and federal officials haven’t reached out to him.

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