Levin Credits Scott Pruitt for Working to Roll Back Administrative State, Slams His Critics

On his nationally syndicated radio show on Thursday, conservative talker Mark Levin railed against those attacking EPA head Scott Pruitt.

After dismissing the charges against Pruitt, Levin credited Pruitt for working to roll back the so-called administrative state. Then he noted how other self-proclaimed environmentalists and liberal politicians, including former Vice President Al Gore and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), don’t face the same level of scrutiny Pruitt faces.

“We have lawmakers who don’t make laws,” Levin said. “The vast majority of laws in this country are not made by lawmakers. They’re made by a fourth branch that doesn’t even exist in the United States Constitution — the administrative state. You got a guy at the EPA who is trying to control what is going on, and they’re picking him to pieces over there. He’s hanging out there, and they’re picking him to pieces.”

“I don’t care what he ate,” he continued. “I don’t care about his lease. I don’t care what damn airplane he took. What do you think of that? Nobody cared about prior administrators because they were left-wing radical kooks.”

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