SNL’s Trump: ‘I Don’t Care About America’

This week’s NBC broadcast of “Saturday Night Live” featured Alec Baldwin as President Donald Trump holding a press conference with Baltic leaders.

“[L]et’s make this quick because I’ve got a lot of trade wars to escalate,” Baldwin’s Trump began.

“First up, a big congratulations to Vladimir Putin,” he said. “He won a great, great, very transparent victory in the Russian election. Fantastic job, Putin. Even though no one has ever been tougher on Russia than I am, including Hitler.”

Baldwin’s character took questions from reporters and later let it slip when asked about his tariffs and immigration policies that he does not “care about America.”

“[H]ere is the thing that no one else is saying and I’m the only one who’s willing to actually say this,” Baldwin’s Trump concluded. “I don’t care about America, OK? This whole presidency is a four-year cash grab and admitting that will probably get me four more years, OK, but I do not care about any of you.”

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