Michael Irvin on Eagles Players Skipping White House: ‘I Hate That We’re at That Place’

NFL Hall of Famer and analyst Michael Irvin said he hated that professional athletes were skipping the White House after winning the championship in their sport and hopes that they will put their politics aside and get back to the tradition.

“I hate that we’re at that place,” Irvin told TMZ Sports.

He continued, “I love the tradition of going to see, what was then at least, the most powerful man in the world because you were the most powerful team in your sport, you know what I’m saying? Hopefully, we can get back to that, if not this president’s term, maybe the next.”

The legendary wide receiver added that it is an “honor” to be able to visit the White House, but said politics allows people to express their opinions so players have the right to not go.

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